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Monday, November 29, 2010

Nordic Lightpacking grows

It has been a good ride so far with the fellow Nordic Lightpacking guys, time to look back and think about what lays ahead.

Over a year ago we started to plan for our Vålådalen trip, and in May 2010 we met and went on a great trip. All that planning lead to the trip being a huge success, and we made those personal connections which are so important. Sitting around the fire, sharing stories, knowledge and laughing together while being in the beautiful Nordic outdoors, that's what we at Nordic Lightpacking are all about.

While planning the next trips, we also were thinking about expanding the circle of Nordic Lightpacking. New people bring new ideas, new knowledge, new experiences to the group, and everyone can benefit from that. It is with much joy that I thus introduce you to the three new Nordic Lightpackers:

Dave - The Armchair Adventurer

Mark - Backpacking North

Thomas - Going Lighter

All three bring new perspectives to our group, and will enrich what we can offer you here. We are very happy that they joined us, and are looking forward to meet up with them on our next trip(s)!

We also are working on a few projects which will directly benefit our community, so stay tuned for those developments! Until then, you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook and read about lightweight and ultralight backpacking adventures in the Nordics!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Nordic Lightpacking is a good start.

Nordic Lightpacking is a cooperation between five blogs about lightweight backpacking in Northern Europe. We believe the best thing we can do for our readers is to cooperate and make it easier for you to find the best information and articles about lightweight and ultralight backpacking in the subarctic wilderness of Scandinavia and Finland. This site has no articles of it's own, but will always link to the latest articles of the member sites.

The site is still work in progress, and we will keep tweaking the site until it becomes what we want it to be.